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Produky značky  Rogue


Ponožky Rogue jsou velmi průžné a proto padnou na veliký rozsah velikostí nohy. Neprodávají se proto pro konkrétní velikost nohy, ale jsou univerzální.

650 Kč

Toto švihadlo nemá ložisko.

The SR-3L is the Long Handle version of Rogue’s classic bushing speed rope, adding nearly an inch and a half to the user’s wingspan. The handgrips are made from a durable nylon resin and have the same 7/8” (22mm) diameter as the standard SR-3 rope.

810 Kč

Toto švihadlo je bez ložiska.

The SR-3S is the Rogue take on the classic non bearing speed rope.  The SR-3S has a 4.75" inch, rotating handle for sure grip.  The handle has a smaller diameter and is shorter than the SR-3 rope and is ideal for athletes with smaller hands.   The Rogue SR-3S is great for affiliates who need one do it all type of rope.

810 Kč

SR Polyurethane Replacement Cables are specifically designed to work with the SR line of Rogue jump ropes.

Softer and more flexible than nylon, PU cables don’t show much coil after being rolled up in a gym bag. This is the same quality cable used on Froning and Spealler signature speed ropes.

270 Kč

No matter how you train or what you’re training for, one mantra is universal: WORK HARD.

1 190 Kč

Stylová zimní čepice Rogue z lehkého plateného materiálu.

1 170 Kč

Ručník Rogue

Ručník Rogue
Ušetříte 36 Kč
684 Kč
Ušetříte 119 Kč

The Rogue Fitness International logo has been one of our most popular designs since 2010—seen on the backs of top competitive CrossFit athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Vyrobeno v USA z 50% bavlny a 50% polyesteru. Vhodné i pro ženy.

1 071 Kč

Set obasuje dva kusy.

1 260 Kč

Set obasuje dva kusy.

1 485 Kč

Set obasuje dva kusy.

1 665 Kč

Set obasuje dva kusy.

1 890 Kč

Čepice Rogue univerzální velikosti.

850 Kč
Ušetříte 63 Kč

A modern tweak of the timeless trucker hat, this flat-billed, snapback ball cap features a black mesh back panel and a red front with the official Rogue Fitness International skull patch in black and white.

1 188 Kč

The Rogue Womens Performance Sun Shirt is Made in the USA from a lightweight, sweat-wicking polyester-spandex blend fabric. This unique material and loose-fit design not only deliver breathable comfort and a free range of motion, but also help to block 95% of harmful UVA and UVB sun rays, giving this sun shirt a SPF rating of UPF 30+.

1 190 Kč